Celebrating 10 Years of Marriage

Amazingly enough, we’re coming up on our 10th wedding anniversary in June- I don’t know where the time has gone, but I’m looking forward to celebrating! We have dinner booked at Husk (one of our favorites) for our actual anniversary, and we’re trying to plan a trip for sometime in the next few months (if you have suggestions, I’m all ears!).

One thing we have been able to check off our list was having our anniversary photos taken, even though it didn’t start out as our idea. We’re friends with an amazing photographer, Reese Moore of Reese Moore Photography…I wish we had known HER ten years ago when we were choosing a photographer (she does beautiful work)! Recently, after an afternoon of pickling cucumbers, we talked about doing anniversary photo shoot. I was tickled to have Reese offer to take these photos of us, and so thankful that we would have them. Life goes so quickly and I think it will be such a treat to have this time and these photographs to mark such an important milestone.

maeve swiss dot.pngObviously, my first stop was on Pinterest to find some outfit inspiration, and it seems like most of the ten year photos incorporate children which makes sense (we don’t have any yet) and I saw a lot of wedding dresses, which I’m not sure I’m into.  Apparently many people buy a new wedding dress and do a wedding-type photo shoot/party.  Rather than going toward a full-on wedding redux, I chose this swiss dot shirt dress in white, which was already in my closet, to give a subtle nod do all things wedding without going over the top.  

We started our photoshoot at our house so that our sweet dog could be in some of them (good thing we did…she was the star of the show). I loved having photos of us in and around our house and one of the ideas that Reese came with was to have us hold one of our framed wedding photos on our front porch, which turned out so well. oak allee.pngAfter our house, we traveled to Laurel Hill County Park in Mt. Pleasant, which has a really charming oak allée as well as some stunning scenery, and proved a perfect backdrop for further photographing. It also was the scene for my favorite photo from the day. Once we finished there (it was relatively quick, since it got a little buggy), we hit up Red Drum for brunch (yum) where table french toast made a delicious appearance.

Fast forward a quick couple of weeks, and Reese surprised us by posting these amazing photos online and we couldn’t be happier! Check them out below! If you looking for a photographer, I highly recommend Reese- she’s a talented photographer, and more importantly, a wonderful person. You can find information about her as well as contact her through her website here.


Easy Peasy Pulled Pork

If you know me, you likely know that I don’t eat ‘land meat’. The mister does not make these same food choices, so if we’re having people over, pulled pork is one of my favorite things to make. Why? Because it’s so dang easy and everyone loves it (well, everyone but me). Here’s what you need:

  • A large pork butt shoulder/picnic shoulder. You do not want a fancy piece of meat for this. I read about people using pork loin for pulled pork…not what you want. You need something with a lot of fat on it. I often get mine at Costco, you’ll have to dig for smaller ones (I found one that was 11 lbs), but this stuff freezes well, so you can just haul it out and heat it up.
  • BBQ sauce. I’ve made it in the past, but I must say we really enjoy Sweet Baby Ray’s (usually the regular because Costco has it, but the Hickory is tasty, too).
  • A 2-liter of root beer. I’m not a big fan of soda, I really never drink it, but it’s critical for this. One tip: DO NOT GET ANY DIET STUFF (or anything with artificial sweeteners), I’ve read no so nice stuff about them when they get hot (and they really aren’t good for you), so get full-sugar soda.
  • Lawry’s Seasoned Salt
  • Giant Crockpot (for the 11 pounder, I had to cut a portion off and put it in the medium size crockpot, which worked well).
  • Potato Slider rolls (or the full sized ones)

Keep in mind you want to cook this for a long time.
This last one took 7 hours on high in the crockpot.

Step 1: Plug in your crockpot and get it warming up.
Step 2: Unwrap your pork and remove any unsavory parts. Resist the urge to chop off all the fat.
Step 3: Sprinkle with seasoned salt (don’t coat it, you don’t want it that salty and as grandma said, once it’s in there, you can’t take it out). About 1/2-2 tsp based on the size of your meat.
Step 4: Place meat into the crockpot, adjust temperature and timer (if you have a fancy crockpot).
Step 5: Put soda into the crockpot. So my rule of thumb is that I put enough soda to cover 1/3-1/2 way up the side of the meat. You don’t want too much, but it burns if it gets dry in there.
Step 6: Put about 1/4 cup of BBQ sauce into the liquid as well a shake or two of seasoned salt. Don’t put tons of BBQ sauce in at this point. You’ll regret it later.
Step 7: Set it & forget it…well don’t really forget it, but leave it alone. Set the crockpot ( I’ve done high or low…for a huge piece of meat, do high) and the timer on your phone.

pork and forksOnce it cooks for 6-8 hours, you’ll smell it and it will make you rethink your food choices (don’t worry, I always resist). It’s time to pull the pork. I always do this with two dinner forks directly in the crock pot. Just be careful not to splash yourself.

Serve with potato slider rolls (or the full size ones) and the BBQ sauce. I like to pair this with cole slaw, fruit salad, and grilled corn.

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