#TFT: Table French Toast

tbtThose that know me know that my favorite meal is brunch. Hands down, I love brunch. There are so many good things that brunch offers…

  • It usually occurs on weekends (my favorite days)
  • It happens later in the day (no early wakeups!)
  • I can order traditionally breakfast OR lunch menu items
  • Brunch drinks

Really though, the list can go on and on (leisurely meals, anyone?). One of my favorite things about brunch is something that my husband loves to chuckle at me for…Table French Toast. He loves to laugh at me, because he said it’s something that I made up. After a cursory look on my Google Machine, maybe he’s right. If that’s the case, then more power to me, because Table French Toast is pretty much amazing.

Let me set the scene for you.  I’m at brunch (or breakfast) and I want to eat some delicious food. My eye typically makes a beeline for the sweet stuff: waffles, sweet crepes, french toast…dessert mains. I’ve played that game before and I lose every time. I order a giant plate of french toast (a personal favorite), I gobble it down and I’m starving again in 45 minutes. I’ve just eaten an enormous plate of sugar, which really isn’t the best choice. So, I convince myself I should order something that incorporates a few basic food groups, but I really still want the french toast…enter the Table French Toast. It’s a nod to it’s sweet nature, I treat it as the dessert that it really is, and we share it as a table.

Brunch at Sea Biscuit Cafe

I often wait until the server seems to be just ready to come back to take the order- and drop the dulce bomb…”Want to get Table French Toast?”- if you wait until your dining companions have decided on their chosen savory treat, their brains will say “Hmmmm, I sure would like a sweet bite to finish my meal on.”, and the answer on TFT is an enthusiastic yes. Looking for a brunch friend? Need some help on getting TFT in your next brunch? Let me know on Facebook– I’m always glad to help.


#Silhouette: Sketching Clipart & Turn Into Cut File

We have some guests coming into town for the weekend and I wanted to get a catch-all for the dresser. When I’m at someone’s house, it’s nice to have someplace to put my jewelry when I got to bed, especially if you’ve been out enjoying some delicious Charleston restaurants.


I found this star dish at TJ Maxx for $1 on the clearance shelf and I thought it would be a perfect catch-all, until I walked by the guest room and saw that my husband filled it up with caramels, thinking it was a candy dish! My Silhouette Cameo (a tool I absolutely love) to the rescue…

  1. To start with, I measured the dish to decide what size I should make the design.
  2. Next, I looked online to find some clipart I liked. Sometimes, it’s difficult to find JUST the design I’m looking for in the store, and for times like that, you can have the Silhouette software trace designs for you! I found the image I liked, right clicked it and chose Save Image As

  3. Once I saved it to my computer, I opened the Silhouette software and clicked File > Open. Then, I navigated to the file I saved and opened it into a new project.
  4. Once I opened the image, I resized it to match up with the size I wanted (think back to when I measured the dish).

  5. Next, I want the Silhouette software to trace the image for me so that it will become a cuttable file. Click on the Trace menu button (upper right)- it looks like a blue butterfly image with a yellow frame on it.
  6. In the Trace Menu, click the Select Trace Area first, and draw a box around what you wish to trace.
  7. Once you’ve drawn the box, I chose the Trace option below and it traced my image. After you click trace, the image will be traced in red (see second image).
  8. Once you’re satisfied with the size of the image, click the Cut Settings menu option (upper right).
    ring 6.png
  9. I typically keep it on Standard and infrequently change it from cut.

  10. Next, I chose what material I was cutting my design from. In this case, I wanted to use a matte adhesive vinyl, so that I could stick it in the bottom of the dish I bought.

  11. TIP: Even if you have it on Vinyl already, click it again, because it will open up the Editing: Vinyl menu below, which tells you which level your blade needs to be on and lets you adjust speed & double cut (which can be useful for thicker things or older blades).
  12. Finally, I got ready to send (don’t send it yet!) the cut job to my Cameo. I made sure my Cameo was plugged into my computer’s USB port. You can send it from the cut settings menu or from the Send to Silhouette button.
  13. Before I sent the job to my Cameo, I got the vinyl and the machine ready:
    1. First, I chose the vinyl I wanted to use (this is a great project for odd-sized scraps that I keep).  I put the vinyl on my cut mat (with the colored side up).
    2. Next, I looked at the blade settings (step 9) and adjusted my blade to be on that numbered setting with the grey ratchet tool that comes with the blade (I made my Cameo cover with a pocket so I could keep it in there).  Then, I put the blade back in the holder and spun the lock to secure it in place.
    3. Next, I loaded the cut mat with the vinyl situated on the top end of the mat.
  14.  After loading the cut mat, I sent the cut job from my computer to the Cameo (step 9).
  15.  After the job was finished (you’ll be able to see on the Silhouette’s display & on your computer), I unloaded the cut mat, but touching Unload on the display.

  16. Often, you can peel away a large piece of unused vinyl (if it’s pretty large, I’ll keep it), but do so carefully- try not to disturb your cut design.
  17. Next, I weeded the design with the hook tool. It’s very helpful when trying to get small parts of vinyl out without moving other parts,
  18. After weeding the design, I cut a piece of Silhouette transfer paper large enough to cover the weeded design (TIP: If you run out of transfer paper, you can also use blue painter’s tape). I peeled it off the lining paper and lined it up to stick over the top of my design. Transfer paper is so important in easily and effectively moving your designs from the cut mat to your finished spot.
  19. I stuck the transfer paper right over the design and rubbed it repeatedly to securely attach it to my design.


  20. Next, I peeled the design off the cut mat so that it all stuck onto the transfer paper (be careful, the underside is the adhesive part that will stick it onto its final location).
  21. I then trimmed the transfer paper so that it would easily fit inside my dish.

    ring 19.png

  22. After lining the design up, I pressed it firmly into the bottom of the dish so that I would stick, then I carefully peeled up the transfer paper.
  23. Finally, I put the finished dish in the guest room, ready to get used by our friends coming for the weekend!

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Goals: Watch Me Do Better.

I’ll own it, I have been a terrible blogger lately. I had visions of writing (& pre-writing) lots of blog posts this summer when I was off work, but I had the most wonderful visitors…my sister and her two lovely children. I got to spend about four weeks with them, which was the longest time I’d seen her in years (they’re 2 & 8 months, so I’d never spent that much time with them)!

We were able to do all sorts of great things- we went to Boston for a week and then spent two weeks at our house in Charleston. After that, we had some time in Pennsylvania, so that’s my bad (yet good) excuse for not writing.

However, I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf- I’m getting back on the blog train. I’m aiming for an every-other-week blog post…if I don’t do it, call me out. There’s nothing worse than getting called out, except not achieving my goals, and my goal is to write more. I’m very excited about the next blog post- it’s going to outline our trip to Iceland & England that we got home from on Sunday. It was pretty amazing. We saw some unbelievable things and had fantastic experiences. So look for that in the next few days.

Until then, enjoy my contrite face…